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Pink Huddle 2020 - 2021 Course Catalog

First Quarter


Self- Awareness

To develop an understanding of your personal likes, dislikes, and becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions and overall well-being. Students will be able to identify personal performance and how to develop themselves based on their individuality.

Girls Stay Fresh

Increase awareness of self-hygiene, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. This course is designed to equipped girls with selfcare techniques and routines suitable for overall short- and long-term personal care.

Stronger You

Explore varies health routines to get girls moving and applying new activities designed to build physical health.

Brighter You

This course dives into how you process your thought. Learn how to become aware of how you think and react.

Interpersonal Relationship

Learn how to interact with others, build relationships and have lasting bonds.

Effective Communication

Gain knowledge on how to express thoughts clearly, as well as, understand verbal

Second Quarter


Creative Thinking

Examines an analyzes creative and effective thinking processes with applications in individual and group projects to solve personal, community, and social issues.

The Beautiful You

Explore all things that enhance a young girl’s beauty. Students will learn age appropriate skincare routines, styling, and various methods of age appropriate makeup applications.

Decision Making

Introduced to effective problem-solving skills in challenging situations. Students will gain knowledge and insight on how to make personal, financial, and life decisions.

Money Madness

Practical application of financial decision making. Students will be exposed to budgeting, bank transactions, and smart spending techniques.

Dress You

Students will implement skills and tools they learned from previous courses to complete a look for themselves. Evaluate and apply creative thinking towards financial decisions, personal decisions, and beauty applications decisions.
[Pre-requisite: Creative Thinking/ The Beautiful You/ Money Madness]

More Than A Selfie

Obtain critical social media skills and techniques to safely demonstrate community involvement, creative thinking, academics and, personal evaluation.

Third Quarter


Learn Your Kitchen

Students will be introduced to food safety and basic kitchen applications.

One on One Cooking

Apply food safety and beginners’ culinary skills, through a creative hands-on appetizing environment.

My Space

Demonstrate techniques that will prepare home maintenance and life skills. Explore methods on how to maintain your space by exhibiting housekeeping skills (i.e. folding clothes, making your bed, cleaning bathrooms, and washing clothes).

You Fancy

Evaluate and apply dinning etiquette in both an upscale and home environment.

It's Your Time

Develop effective daily planning through basic time management principals.

The Reveal

Showcase culinary skills, home maintenance, and time management through the illustration of a formal dinner.

Fourth Quarter


Thread It

If you are interested in basic sewing skills like threading a machine, pinning material for stitching, making straight and curved seams and reading a simple pattern this is your class!! Students will learn basic machine operation, basic sewing techniques, and necessary tools and terminology to put together a full sewing kit.

Sewing 101

Now that you know how to Thread It, it’s time to learn how to sew. From the start, our wonderfully well trained and patient instructor will lead you through the path of a beginner seamstress. She will then teach you how to lay out, cut, and pin your cloth, read and cut out a simple pattern. At the end of this course students will be able to make a circle skirt and a reading pillow. Register for this class and let’s get to SEWING.

Rev Up

REV UP course starts at the beginning to teach students how to keep vehicles running smoothly. Students receive hands-on experience checking oil, changing tires, and conducting other simple tasks that keep cars functioning. Register today and let’s get Revved Up!!

Pink Cadillac

Every girl desires to own that PERFECT car. In the PINK CADILLAC course students will discover what they need most in a car. The "right car" depends on who you are and what you expect from a car. Students will set a budget, learn the difference between leasing and buying a car, weigh the costs of ownership, research insurance quotes and find cars for sale. At the end of this course, students with driver’s license will be able to test drive a car. Register for this class and get ready to ride in your Pink Cadillac.

Secure Your Bag

In this SECURE YOUR BAG course, students will learn the ins and outs of having a rewarding savings and checking account. Students will also learn the importance of investment and retirement planning such as IRAs, 401k, stocks and bonds, saving for college, debt management and so much more. Also, in this course student will learn about credit scores and how they affect their everyday life. Register for this course and Secure Your Bag.

My Pink Footprint

So, you’ve made it to the end of the year. You’ve walked all through Pink Huddle, picked up valuable lessons to help you become more independent and self-sufficient. Now it’s time to showcase what you’ve learned. In this course students will choose their most favorite course during the year. They will have the opportunity to display what they’ve learned from that course. The idea behind this course is to show how students will leave their footprint in their community and society as a whole.